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Fast forward six months and the Pro1 is now a reality, with the company putting it up for pre-order, with hands-on videos of the 'final' hardware. A five way shootout! When considering smartphone imaging, there are two end goals, depending on who you talk to. The populist opinion, catered to by the likes of Samsung and Huawei, is that the photos you take should 'pop', with exagerated edges and detail, enhanced colours, and so on.

My view, even though I enjoy hyper-real images as much as the next man, is that photos should accurately portray the world you see, and with as little enhancement as possible.

In other words, photos from a phone should be natural and with scope for enhancement later in software without worrying about starting from an edge-enhanced, over sharpened base Winsta UWP is a nice general client that lets you post and interact with others, but it has a few functionality gaps, not least being able to see posted images in original detail and not being able to save media to your phone.

Posted by Steve in Reviews CommentsSep 2nd Status report for end-August and the future : Services on Windows 10 Mobile With some social applications, comms apps and Microsoft services being phased out through and beyond, I thought a ready reference table of where Windows 10 Mobile stands would be useful. And I'll try to revisit this every few months to update each section as needed. In summary, there's likely to be a little disruption to 'normal' activities this year and a few more caveats inwindows phone news website logo, when Windows 10 Mobile will be out of official support.

Anyway, see below for details! With zoom windows phone news website logo a big feature of the original Lumia albeit at lower output resolutionit's always interesting to see how far the modern competition have got in terms of bringing subjects 'closer', optically and in software.

Fast, attractive, clever, fun, and - most importantly, these days, effectively free forever. I couldn't put this game down and it therefore comes highly recommended.

And for each update '' here I test the phone quoted by me as 'being what the Lumia would have been if Nokia had carried on development for the next five years' against some likely contenders. Here it's the benchmark flagship that's the Lumia XL, but in a subtle twist I'm only looking at the main 40MP camera - I'm not involving that periscope 5x zoom.

That way, any hyper zoom examples won't skew the scoring. Which of the two phone cameras can produce the high quality output? Posted by Steve in Features CommentsAug 22nd How to: Fix the 'Office subscription is required' editing warning This has been mentioned a few times over the last six months - the odd reader would complain that the Office UWP application under Windows 10 Mobile would suddenly start demanding an Office sign-in, when theoretically any device 'with display under 10' windows phone news website logo have full creating and editing capability.

I have a theory - and a walkthrough for people seeing the titled warning and have qualifying windows phone news website logo or accounts And, in my usual line of comparisons, windows phone news website logo, I wanted to pitch it against something modern from the Android world that could match - or even beat - its video and music playback prowess.

Enter the Razer Phone 2, belatedly in here for review, and used side by side with my Windows 10 phone for the last week. Posted by Steve in Features CommentsAug 18th.


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