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What makes a smartphone an 'enterprise smartphone'? Is it the OS? Is it the device's features? Is it the applications? Is it related to device management and security? ABI Research believes that the enterprise smartphone is defined by a combination of capabilities that . Jun 18,  · Vivo returned to the top 5 of the smartphone market with volumes of million and a market share of %, tying* it with OPPO for the number 5 position. Other than Huawei, vivo was the only other vendor at the top of the market that was able to grow shipments in 1Q19 with volumes up % over 1Q May 02,  · “The overall smartphone market continues to be challenged in almost all areas, yet Huawei was able to grow shipments by 50%, not only signifying a clear number two in terms of market share .

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What makes a smartphone an "enterprise smartphone"? Is it the OS? Is it the device's features? Is it the applications? Is it related to device management and security?

ABI Research believes that the enterprise smartphone is defined by a combination of capabilities that can be customized to address enterprise smartphone market share end-user and IT needs. These can vary by occupation, vertical and even by size of business. To this end, enterprise smartphones require enterprise smartphone market share from companies that span the mobile and IT ecosystems including handset manufacturers, OS vendors, chipset vendors, mobile operators, traditional enterprise application providers and mobile-focused application providers.

This study examines the important characteristics of enterprise smartphones and the ecosystem players that create value for businesses with these devices. Central to the smartphone, and the nexus for all smartphone capabilities, is the operating system.

This report not only offers a critical review across eight major OS categories for the business market but also provides forecasts for enterprise adoption of smartphones by OS for each region, including shipments and the business customer installed base. Also provided enterprise smartphone market share data on shipments and installed base by size of business and 12 important verticals for the North American, Western Europe, and Asia Pacific markets.

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Free Research. Enterprise Smartphones What makes a smartphone an "enterprise smartphone"? Executive Summary 1. Introduction 1. Report Coverage 1. Smartphone Definition 1.

Overview of Market 1. Drivers and Inhibitors of Smartphone Adoption in the Enterprise 1. Drivers 1. Inhibitors 1. Forecasts 1. Enterprise Smartphone Shipments 1.

By Operating System 1. By Region 1. Enterprise Smartphone Installed Base 1. Applications Are the Differentiator and the Enabling Technology 2. Enterprise Smartphone Killer Apps 2. Mobilization of Enterprise Software Applications 2.

Browser Solutions 2. Cloud Computing 2. Downloadable Apps 3. Smartphone Security Issues 3. Smartphone Security Concerns 3. Malware 3. Trojan Horses 3. Worms 3. Spyware 3, enterprise smartphone market share.

Spam 3. Vectors 3. Solutions 3. Anti-Virus Software 3. Firewalls and Mobile VPNs 3. Sandboxes 3. Encryption 3. Remote Control 3. Filtering 3. Firmware 3. Signed Certificates 3. Biometrics 3. Key Industry Players 4. Smartphone Ecosystem 4. Device Vendors 4, enterprise smartphone market share.

Apple 4. HTC 4. Motorola 4. Nokia 4. RIM 4. Samsung 4. Operating System OS Vendors 4. Android 4. BlackBerry 4. Palm webOS 4. Symbian 4. Windows Mobile 4. Other Operating Enterprise smartphone market share 4.

Chipset Vendors 4. Arm Holdings 4. Intel 4. Nvidia 4. Qualcomm 4. Texas Instruments 4. Enterprise Systems Application Vendors 4. IBM 4. Microsoft 4. Oracle 4. Application Development Vendors 4. Antenna Software 4. Formotus 4. Good Technology 4. Mobile Distillery 4. Pyxis Mobile 4. Quickoffice 4. Vivido Labs 4, enterprise smartphone market share. Operators 4. Orange 4. Sprint Nextel 4.

T-Mobile 4.


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enterprise smartphone market share


This graph shows the market share of operating systems worldwide based on over 10 billion monthly page views. May 18,  · If generally-accepted sales statistics suggest 10 to 20% iOS market share in global devices sold, activity statistics suggest 33% or higher global market share in devices actually gobelajar.cf: John Koetsier. Aug 18,  · Gartner: Android’s smartphone marketshare hit % in Q2 Natasha Lomas @riptari / 3 years What growth there is left in the smartphone market continues to .