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For existing lifts the European Standard EN was introduced in and covered a point list of recommendations for making older lifts safer. This includes the provision of a lift communication system where reasonably practical (which in most cases it is). This is where it gets more complicated. Viking Emergency and Elevator Telephones, Viking Blue Light Strobes Stainless Steel phones and more. Apr 04,  · Answer: Good news! There is a solution to elevator emergency phone requirements and it is also future proof with the NBN rollouts well as. Read next: Migration of monitored fire alarm and lift phone services good practice guide Department of Communication and the Arts. One alternative is a new phone systems that uses wireless 3G technology.

Q&A Elevator emergency phone requirements - What are the alternatives?

This will depend on the type of service you are being supplied; see the above point. How will the NBN affect my lift? Unlike the previous copper network, the NBN does not guarantee continuity of service during a power outage. In many cases, existing infrastructure for lift emergency phones, fire alarm panels, back to base security systems, medical alert systems and landline phones can no longer be relied upon in such situations once the NBN has been connected.

What do I need to do to prepare for NBN? This will ensure that NBN Co is aware that your phone line is being used as a lift emergency phone and that NBN Co will provide only a temporary deferral of the disconnection date. Do I need to change my current lift emergency phone? In most cases, existing lift emergency phones will not operate reliably in NBN connected premises.

Contact Odessi to discuss the requirements of lifts in your building or refer to the Department of Emergency phones in lifts Migration Guide. How long do I have until I need to update my lift emergency phone? For lift emergency phones, which have been registered with NBN Co, an extension period will be granted until Julyor 18 months after NBN connection whichever is the latter.

What happens if I do not register my Device? Disconnection from the copper network will take place automatically once the NBN completes its installation. If your emergency telecommunication systems are working, it may be because the existing copper-based public switched telephone network PSTN is yet to be disconnected, emergency phones in lifts. In such a case the risk remains that your emergency telecommunication systems will no longer work when the PSTN is disconnected.

Why do I need to upgrade my emergency telephone? The emergency telephone must be operational at all times, even in a power outage. Therefore, many buildings will no longer have a landline that works during a power outage. Not doing so could be a breach of your obligations under workplace health and safety legislation.

NBN recommends that you should consider keeping a charged mobile phone in case there is a power outage of any sort. Inside a Lift — mobile phones may not work in the emergency phones in lifts of a power failure in a building. What is my Duty of Care? In New South Wales, SafeWork NSW makes the following statements: People with management or control of lifts, escalators and moving walkways have duties to ensure they operate safety and are regularly inspected and maintained.

Lift emergency communication systems Every lift must have an emergency communication system to enable assistance in the event that passengers are trapped. Information is available regarding the potential risks to health and safety when migrating emergency telecommunication systems to the nbn network.

Who is liable for the new equipment and service charges? Unless otherwise stated, emergency phones in lifts, the owner of the lift is responsible for all modifications, upgrades and service charges associated with lift hardware. What is the solution? The industry standard is to install equipment that provides a 3G or 4G wireless connection for the lift emergency phone.

It uses cellular networks, like that of your mobile emergency phones in lifts. By utilising dual-path technology with sim cards from separate providers, the system allows for unforeseen circumstances such as one of the mobile networks not being available when you need it most. The second option is to install just a single path wireless gateway, emergency phones in lifts. This solution may be suitable where there is only one lift connected to the phone line and in areas of reliable network coverage.

What is the advantage of acting now? You do not risk having your service disconnected. Who organises the SIM card? Having two separate radios and two separate carriers, provides the peace of mind that the Wireless Gateway will automatically select the best signal at any given time when a call is initiated.

During installation, our technicians will test and confirm the signal strength at potential installation sites for the Wireless Gateway. It is only available for a small amount of connections.

Rollout plans and times differ depending on your area. Connecting a battery backup to the emergency phones in lifts inside your building will only protect the line from a power outage related to the building. If there emergency phones in lifts a power outage anywhere along the supply route for the telephone line e.

Additionally, any change of state is transmitted through to the Odessi Monitoring Platform. Mobiles work poorly in lifts — how does the Odessi Wireless 3G Gateway solution get around this? Also, in most cases, the wireless gateway will be installed away from the machine room or the top of the lift shaft where the signal may be stronger. Can I use any other systems such as VoIP?

Can I use one device to connect multiple lifts or other pieces of equipment like my alarm? The lift industry standard is for all lifts to have their own dedicated gateway. Therefore, it is not recommended to install one gateway for multiple lifts or to connect other equipment to the same gateway, emergency phones in lifts.

The gateway must be dedicated for one lift only. How do I know what type of connection or service I am receiving? Telstra, Optus, TPG, etc, emergency phones in lifts. Please note only a small amount of connections are receiving FTTP connections with a battery backup as an option and all other connections will need to upgraded.

Can I migrate to the 3G solution early? By migrating directly to a Wireless Gateway, you will be able to have the peace of mind that emergency phones in lifts service will be available at all times unlike the NBN which will not be available in the event of a power failure on your premises.

How long is 3G technology going to be supported? There is currently no concrete plan for the decommissioning of the 3G networks, emergency phones in lifts. What information do I need to order my solution online?

Who pays for the cost of the new equipment? As with all of the hardware on your elevator system, the customer owns the lift telephone, therefore the cost of upgrading the system must covered by the customer. Further questions? Many of the solutions that are currently available do not meet proposed changes to building legislation.

Whilst Lift vendors are currently testing compliant solutions and will have several compatible solutions available sometime in the future, Odessi has the only ACMA approved, monitored, dual carrier wireless PSTN replacement solution available today. The compliance mark can be on a label affixed to the device, an electronic symbol where the screen has a display or included in the documentation of the device.

The type of compliance mark will depend on when the device was first supplied to market and what, if any, additional features the device has. The RCM has been introduced as a single compliance mark from 1 March replacing over time all other compliance marks. Radiocommunications devices that are also telecommunications devices will bear the A-Tick or the RCM, emergency phones in lifts.

The use and sometimes possession of radiocommunications equipment not specifically designed to comply with Australian standards may be illegal. There are penalties for operation, emergency phones in lifts, possession for the purpose of operation and supply of radiocommunications equipment that does not comply with applicable Australian standards.

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emergency phones in lifts


technology, the elevator phone temporarily takes over an existing phone line, such as a fax line or access control line, long enough to complete the emergency call in time of need while allowing all codes to be met. Once the emer-gency call is complete, the line is released. All phones party-line together, enabling simultaneous two-way communi-. A working emergency telephone or intercom is required by this code. The test procedure outlined below is designed to determine if your current solution is in compliance or not. Emergency Phone Test Procedure. Your state enforces ASME A for elevator emergency communications. A working emergency telephone or intercom is required by this code. Elevator Phones and Emergency Phone Systems from RATH® are available for both commercial and residential installs in Analog, IP, Digital or Wireless solutions.